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We love startups and create inspired marketing for all small and medium size businesses.  You are in good hands.  We simplify your marketing.  XL Consulting Group is a full service marketing strategy, branding, web design and copywriting company.  

Branding, Web Design and Copywriting

We create an identity for your business through compelling branding and XL Consulting Group matches branding to your business personality. Our logos fit your brand…tell us what you like, or leave it up to us to create something dynamic. We develop responsive sites for tablets and smartphones. Basic websites for startups and customized websites with stores or membership sites.  If you need copywriting for your content or blog posts, we’ve got you covered.  Our team can research, write for SEO in the voice of your brand.

Small Business Marketing Plans and Coaching

Perhaps you are a start-up and need to get financing? We will put together your marketing/business plan to take to your financial institution. Is this your first business? XL Consulting partners with you to implement your marketing strategy. If you are an existing business and struggling with your marketing, but don’t have the budget for a full time marketing person, XL Consulting can fill that gap.

Social Media Setup and Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all have possibilities for your business. We can work with you to see which ones are the right fit. We can set up your social pages and help you build your audience for each of these platforms. No time to manage your social media?  We can do that too!


XL Consulting conceptualized and created the best ever online platform for my campaign

I was introduced to XL Consulting by a common friend and that was the best introduction of the year for me. I was running for Mayor of Toronto City and they have been a pillar of confidence to me. They conceptualized and created the best ever online platform for my campaign. With no stone unturned and with precision-driven focus, they developed this greatest ever website that no mayoral candidate has ever produced in Canada.

See it for yourself and admire their craftsmanship and you will know what I mean.
Thank you for your clear direction, smart recommendations and strategic planning of my campaign. Truly appreciated and God Bless.

Gautam Nath – 2018  Candidate for Mayor/CEO – City of Toronto

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7 Great Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business

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4 Tips for Recovering from a Small Business Closure

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