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Networking Groups in the Greater Toronto Area

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Social Fusion NetworkThere are many networking groups in the corridor from Toronto to Niagara.   Each networking group has a different focus.   Some, like the BizConX focus on informal individual networking.  The local Chamber of Commerce network groups focus on the local business community with events before 9:00 am and after 5:00 pm.   With two different time slots for the Chamber Networking Groups, busy professionals are able to find an event that best suits their schedule.   On this page we have listed some networking groups we recommend.  A great source for finding networking groups of all kinds is a site called Meetup.    Click here for the site.

Tips for great networking

  • Be courteous, listen to everyone you meet to learn their story and how you can connect them to people who can help them with their businesses
  • Don’t take up too much time of the people you meet at networking groups.   If you would like to further the connection, suggest you meet for coffee at a convenient place at a later date.
  • People only deal with people they like and trust.   You won’t be able to make that kind of connection on your first meeting at network groups, so don’t try to “sell” people the first time you meet.    You are attending networking groups to make connections to help others grow their businesses as well as grow your own.

Biz ConX – Hamilton and Burlington

BizConX – Hamilton Network

Hamilton, ON
490 BizConX Hamilton Networkers

BizConX – Hamilton is a FREE business to business networking group. Every month we host a FREE business networking event that gives you the opportunity to meet other local bus…

Next Meetup

BizConX – Hamilton Network

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015, 5:00 PM
7 Attending

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BizConX – Burlington Professionals Network

Burlington, ON
906 BizConX Burlington Professionals

Sometimes the only person that can relate to an Entrepreneur is another Entrepreneur!If you are a business owner who wants to attract more customers, make more money and incr…

Next Meetup

BizConX – Burlington Professionals

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018, 5:00 PM
12 Attending

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Burlington Chamber of Commerce

For the schedule of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce events, click here


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