4 Case Studies: Extract Value for your Business Exit

Have you founded your own family business, nurtured it from a startup to a successful business for the last 25/30 years? Now as you approach retirement, you want to extract value, rather than just shut it down and walk away. 3 KEY FACTORS FOR CONSIDERATION TO EXTRACT VALUE 1)  Plan Ahead Don’t wait until the […]

Are YOU a Great Leader? Take our quick Leadership Quiz to see how you Score

Leadership Quiz Recently I heard from two friends who had horrible experiences with their bosses.      Their complaints were consistent. Their bosses had poor communication skills, did not trust decisions by their managers, had no strategy, were controlling, etc.    To sum up, these owners did not have good leadership skills.   So what does it take to be a […]

7 Skills Women Need To Start A Business

Women have a better education than at any other time in recent history, but are increasingly frustrated they are still not getting the same opportunities to succeed in their careers.  We only have to look at the film industry as an example.  This was highlighted by actress Patricia Arquette in her acceptance speech at the […]

What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work?

  What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work? If you are a startup, getting sales going in an upward direction is priority one.  If you are in the service business ie  lifestyle coach, business coach, social media expert,  or book  author, understanding how an effective sales funnel works is key. The fundamental […]

Make an emotional connection with your customer

Make The World A Better Place: Cause Marketing Matters

Cause Marketing Matters to Your Customers Making a social mission for your business, is what is called Cause Marketing and it matters to your customers.  It is good for your business and creates the emotional connections with your customers that are critical for purchase decisions. Because we buy on emotion not need.  The recent Toronto Social […]

5 Tips – Setting SMART Goals

5 Tips – Setting SMART Goals When setting goals, if we choose SMART goals, they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.   This means the goals are very clear and easily understood. Both in our personal lives and business career, it is important to have goals, because without goals, we are not in charge.  […]

5 Strategy Plan Tips for Growing your Business

Work “On” your Business with a Strategy Plan In the first few years as a business owner you are focused on growing your business as quickly as possible that you are totally immersed in the day to day operations.  Once your business is established and you are ready to take it to the next level, […]


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