A guest post from Artur Meyster, founder of Career Karma

Fortunately, technology has made the places to source top tech talent grow more than ever before. You can now find the best places to discover top tech talent. As a company, trying to build a workforce that can carry you into the future of work should be your number one priority. Your employees should have the skills needed to successfully help your company grow in the future, but finding those employees is the first task that should be on your list.

When trying to find employees who are talented with technology, you need to look at what skills and experience you desire. This will impact where you should be sourcing your employees from. As a whole, thinking outside the box is the best way to attract and hire talented individuals that may be overlooked by your competitors. Show that you’re willing to source from multiple places and you will soon see your talent pool increase dramatically.

Find a Trade School

Should you not want to go through a large training process with whoever you are looking to hire, searching through trade school graduates may be a smart move for recruiting. Unlike more traditional forms of education, trade schools feature specialized courses that prepare students for very specific career paths. This means that the people attending trade schools often know exactly what they want to do and what it will take to succeed in that career.

A great reason to source from trade schools is the quick turnaround time from being a student to graduating. Most schools can complete their education in around a year, which is two times faster than a standard master’s program. Don’t let this speed fool you, however, as trade school graduates are still extremely talented individuals. 

Most trade school attendees are well above the college-age range of 18 to 21 and are actually experienced employees looking to change up their careers. An added benefit due to this is that your employees aren’t likely to have debt coming out of graduation. Schools such as Flatiron School are willing to defer tuition if you cannot pay right away, which means that student debt doesn’t need to grow for trade school attendees.

Look Into Coding Bootcamps

Online coding bootcamps are a popular option that has developed in the last few years. Anybody who wants to learn how to code now has the ability through one of these programs, and the online aspect means that it can be done from the comfort of one’s own home. As with trade schools, bootcamp attendees are typically older employees.

Coding is a skill that will be largely applicable to the future of work in any company. Whether or not your company already uses this skill in some job functions, make no mistake that you will need coders in the future. Coding bootcamps offer a speedy turnaround of talented potential employees and can be a reliable source for talent.

As a whole, there are a lot of coding languages and most have different functions. Recent studies show that there are as many as 23 million software developers worldwide, and the number is only set to increase to 27.7 million. Get on top of this trend and hire talented coders from a coding bootcamp today.

Continue College or University Recruitment

At the end of the day, colleges and universities are still one of the best places to source talented individuals, as long as you don’t mind training them. The key when sourcing from these areas is to find the right majors. Technicals paths, such as front end development, may prove to yield candidates with a more refined skillset.

Focus on identifying the type of employee you want at your company based on their skills and what the job opening requires. From there, you can narrow down which majors or minors might have the most benefit for that specific position. General recruiting can lead to a mismatch between a candidate and a job opening, so do your proper research on who may be the best fit for that specific job.


Best Places to Discover Top Tech Talent

Finding diverse tech talent can seem like a difficult task on the surface, but companies often limit themselves by only choosing to source from one prominent location. In the last few years, technology has made education accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. This has opened the talent pool far more than ever before but actually finding these individuals involves knowing where to look. Don’t allow your competition to take all the talented workers because you chose to rely on one source for your employees. Think outside the box and you’ll soon discover an extremely talented group of candidates looking to launch dynamic careers.  It won’t take long for you to find the best places to discover top tech talent.

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