Have you heard of the invitation only social media platform, Clubhouse for i-phone users?  If you have subscribed, here are 7 great ways to use clubhouse to grow your business.  First a little bit of background on Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse app for i-phone is a unique social media platform which started in April 2020 and now has 10 million users.
And now it has opened up to Android phone users, it will probably have 20 million users by the end of 2021.

Exactly what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social network of “clubs”, which are hosted by moderators.  The clubs cover all kinds of topics, from business to sports, photography, relationships, faith, sustainability,social media, marketing and podcasting, just to name a few.

It is in audio format only and mostly is “live”.  It is an amazing new concept where you have access to some fabulous, well known authorities.  Where else would you have access to hear from people such as Neil Patel of Ubersuggest, Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, Bobby Unmar, Keynote Speaker, and  best selling author Angela Duckworth.  How about Oprah and Elon Musk….yes, they are on Clubhouse, too!

7 Great Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business

Clubhouse is a great networking tool.

While you are listening and learning from the moderators, you can tap on anyone in the room, the moderators and the guests, just like you, and view their bios and directly connect with them with a direct message on instagram or twitter.

Take advantage of special offers

Often the moderators have special offers on their programs, consulting, deals etc.  The show moderators will point you to these special offers through text messaging or by keying in the code into twitter or instagram accounts of the moderator.

Ask questions in the Club

You have the opportunity to raise your hand and ask a question on any show in which you participate.   The more you participate, the more invites you get to invite others to join Clubhouse. The more you participate, the more followers you can get.  While you are learning you can click on the bios of the both the moderators and others in the room and follow other people.   Many will follow you back.

Get invited to be a moderator

If you are a subject matter expert, and participate in some Clubhouse events, you could be invited to be a co-moderator of a show.  Once you have made it to this stage, then your popularity increases tenfold and your expert advice becomes amplified.  This is the best way to showcase your talents.

Make the most of your Clubhouse bio

When you join Clubhouse, you set up your bio, just like on any other social media platform. So this is your opportunity to to showcase everything you do and make your photo standout.  You can find Clubhouse specialists on Fiverr to spruce up your bio or your photo to make you standout.  You can link your bio to your twitter or instagram accounts.  While you are constructing your Clubhouse bio, take a look at your twitter and instagram accounts to make sure they are updated.   You can use programs like Linktr.ee in your Instagram bio to link to various offers, or website pages.

Develop an offer

What kind of offer?  Free guide, free worksheet, free template, free subscription to your magazine, or a 1/2 hour consulting session.  Your offer can be in your bio and become part of your funnel.  From your bio guide the user to your free offer such as your twitter or instagram account.

Use Clubhouse to network and collaborate

With 10 million subscribers from all over the world, this is your chance to widen your network beyond your Linkedin network. The best way to find people to collaborate with, is to find events or clubs that fit your wheelhouse. Check out the bios of people who you think would be great collaborators and connect directly with them either on twitter, instagram or through their website or Linkedin.  Remember the secret to networking, offer value first before you start your pitch!

We hope our 7 Great Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business is useful to you.  If you are still not sure how to use Clubhouse, watch this great video lesson from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.  And if you would like an invitation to Clubhouse, connect with us