Why is Great Leadership Important?

The big question is, are YOU a highly effective leader? It might be hard to believe but employees leave companies, not because of the pay but because they either find their work culture toxic or they have a bad ass boss.  A boss who doesn’t care about them at all as a person, has no idea of workload, expectations, deadlines.  The result is high employee turnover, absenteeism and a general feeling of needing to escape no matter what the cost!

How do you create a culture that values its employees?  After all your company is nothing without its employees, so you want to make sure you you are you are a highly effective leader and create a positive atmosphere.  Do you have a workplace that values employee contributions, that promotes from within, has training programs and a great on-boarding program? Then you are on the right track.

Create a Dynamic On-boarding Atmosphere

  1. A clear job description of the duties
  2. A concise employee manual
  3. An introduction to all the key managers the new employee will interact with
  4. A full week of learning what each department does and who the key contacts are in each department
  5. Create a specific on-boarding agenda for each employee
  6. On-boarding with the HR department
  7. Meet the CEO is an integral part of the on-boarding agenda.

Responsibility of the CEO

A highly effective leader of an organization recognizes that their company is built on a solid foundation of skilled and empowered employees.  The CEO is like the conductor of an orchestra.  He/she may have the baton, but it is the musicians who make the music.  The conductor creates the teamwork and harmony.  The end result is beautiful music! As CEO are you a highly effective leader?

Here are our tips to help you become a highly effective leader

  1. Listen to your employees whether they are management or on the shop floor
  2. Have an open door policy for all employees
  3. Lead by example
  4. Treat everyone equally
  5. Treat everyone with respect
  6. Recognize talent and develop employee talents
  7. Nurture the talent
  8. Do not be afraid to let go employees who are toxic to the culture you are trying to build
  9. Value teamwork
  10. Take all the blame and little of the credit
  11. Have high expectations of yourself and your employees
  12. Recognize the importance of collaboration
  13. Be prepared to have difficult conversations with employees in a calm manner
  14. Business is about relationships not products, know the difference!

Looking for More Advice on How to Become a Highly Effective Leader?

In our podcast with HR specialist Michele Bush, we talk about how to hire the right fit for your business.  For more business podcasts, check out our link here.


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