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How to Use Facebook Groups for Traffic and Engagement

Many articles about Facebook discuss Business Pages, but not so much is written about how to use Facebook groups for traffic and engagement.  Most business owners struggle with maintaining an active and engaged presence via their Page.  There is also the obvious issue of decreased reach due to the filtered feed problem, where Facebook decides who sees what in your feed.  The reason for this is Facebook would like you to promote (adverstise) your content.  They are revenue based and advertising gives them a solid revenue base. There is one tool that most business owners have not discovered:  Facebook groups.

Groups are intended as a way to discuss shared interests and encourage conversation and engagement among members of the group.  Groups can be public, private or secret.  (this is a one way, downward hierarchy, so you can’t start with a secret group and then work back up)!  People join groups to have interesting discussions on specific problems or topic.  Your group welcomes any conversation and discussion around your niche or industry. You are the moderator.

If you are the group administrator, you can pin a post to the top of the feed in a group, so, for example you can post a guideline for members and pin it to the top of the post, or a welcoming message.

For this reason, groups can be an extremely commanding way to connect with your audience and drive traffic to your site.   Here are 5 strategies you can use to make the most of groups for business.

1) Form a group around an interest (not your business)

Tip:  do not put your business name in the title but use relevant key words.

  • A paint store could start a group where members can discuss color trends ask for advice on decorating.
  • An SEO expert could create a group where business owners discuss the latest trends in SEO or can come to troubleshoot SEO issues
  • A yoga studio could create a group centered on relaxation techniques and reducing stress.

2) Promote a free offer

While the purpose of your group will primarily be to generate discussion among your target market, there is a way you can offer value to your members while also driving traffic and building your list.  You can promote a free offer via a pinned post and unpin it when it is over.   Your free offer is a great way to capture email addresses.

Your free offer might be a resource guide, a webinar, first chapter of your ebook.

3) Curate and test content to re-purpose

Groups are also a great way to find additional content from other sources that resonates with your audience.  Look for which types of posts or pictures do well in the group, and then share these on your Page and re-purpose for email campaigns and your website blogs.

4) Create a group around a specific event

The next time you offer a webinar or workshop series, consider creating a group for your participants.  It can be a place for members to interact with each other pre and post-event, and can even function as a bonus item included in the event registration fee (“join today and receive free access to our exclusive Facebook group”).

5)  Use for outstanding customer service

Tip:  in this case you can use your Company Name

Having a dedicated group for customer service inquiries can help you provide more responsive and personal customer care.  It can offload some of the stress from your Page and should you have an unhappy customer you will easily see this in the dedicated feed and will be able to respond quickly.  Promote your group to your customers, subscribers and website visitors as a way to receive more personalized help support or complaint resolution.  This dedicates a space for their care and inquiries and doesn’t get lost in the feed of your company Page.  You could also have your customer service department manage this group.

Have you tried starting a group surrounding an interest that is in alignment with your business?

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