Higher Google Ranking – 101 Different Ways to Improve it

There are so many ways to increase your web traffic on Google and improve your Google ranking by sharing your great content!   Thanks to the folks at Blogmost for providing this free infographic on how to score in the Google page ranking.   There is a lot of competition for page one on Google,  but there is no shortage of ways to combine all your information and make it work for you.     Your website homepage is the best place to start.      That home page has to ROCK.      Images, videos and calls to action are a MUST.     Oh and by the way, in this land of mobile computing, make sure your website is responsive, ie automatically re-sizes for your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Consider other quick ways of spreading your content.    Try blogging, sharing your  amazing content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.    Include slides, infographics and videos to help your Google performance.   If you have an e-book or pdf to share Google will like that too.    We all have very short attention spans, so make your material, relevant, easy to read and containing the keywords that people will search for.   Try Google keyword search for ideas on topics that are popular in page searches.

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Courtesy of: Blogmost.com